I can officially put together words into things called sentences! And people understand most of what I say, though occasionally Mommy and Dad Guy will have to translate. Here’s some stuff I’ve said:

“Thank you sooo much for your help today.”
-I came home from church saying this one Sunday.

“No church; I just want to go shopping today.”
-Sometimes a girl just knows what she wants.

“We’re all eating together!”

“Say sorry, Boomba!”
-The silly vacuuming robot runs into me occasionally, and I always tell him to say he’s sorry but he never does.

“Eden’s sad because…”
-I’ve learned the words “happy” and “sad” and I like to use them to express how I’m feeling.

“Good job running Dad Guy!”

“Mommy’s computer is a no-no-no-no!”

“Oops, we skipped a page!”
-That’s for when we miss a page reading. I don’t like that, and always make sure we go back to the right one!