You may remember that even when I was much younger, I really liked to take care of things, like my bear. I still like that, and now I have even more opportunities to practice.

I have a few bears and stuffed animals and, when I feel like they’re sad, I always like to comfort them. So I’ll hold them and pat their backs while saying, “Shhhhh…” and that usually makes them feel better. If it doesn’t, then sometimes I’ll pass it off to Mommy or Dad Guy telling them to “comfort Cooper Bear Bear” or which ever friend is sad.

A few days ago, Dad Guy saw me changing Cooper Bear Bear’s diaper. I held up two diapers and asked, “Do you want Elmo diaper? Or cookie monster diaper?”

“This’ll be real quick, ok? Real quick.”

Then I wiped Cooper Bear Bear and put on the new diaper, just like Mommy does for me.

Even though they don’t always realize it, I’m always watching Mommy and Dad Guy and learning from everything they do!