This year, I got to have two birthday celebrations. (Oh, did you know that I turned 2 a couple of weeks ago?)

The first was in Hong Kong. Mommy and Dad Guy took me to Toys R Us and let me pick out a toy. I’ve been wanting a stroller for my dolls and bears for a long time, since I love to push them around, and they bought me one! Hooray!

Then we went to eat sushi. I discovered I loooooooove raw salmon! Dad Guy says that’s not too normal for a 2-yr old but hey – I never said I was normal!

Later that day, the family got together for dinner. We had delicious Chinese food (a favorite) and then came the best part – cake! Since the parents don’t give me sweet stuff very often, it was a special treat.

I even got to blow out the candles!

Then, when we got back home, I had a “pajama and pancake” birthday party at my house. Pretty much every morning, I ask to “leave ‘jamas on!” Since I love to wear my ‘jamas so much, Mommy asked everyone to come over in theirs too!

And we ate pancakes. Yummy!

Mommy and Dad Guy let me pick the guest list, so it was small. Just my favorite people, who I see and ask for all the time. So that means my friend Jacob was there, of course, and my auntie Deborah!

(Our good friend Sean took a few photos while he was there. You should look at his website!)

Auntie Deb and uncle Sean gave me this awesome shirt. I was holding it up saying, “Oh so pretty! Cute!”

Since I was still jet-lagging a bit, and so many of my favorite people were there, I was really hyper. Every few minutes I would get so excited, I would just have to yell “yay!” and start clapping my hands. I couldn’t help it! I’m lucky to have so many great friends who love me and celebrated my birthday with me!

(That’s me blowing a kiss.)