My first time on the MTR!

We’ve been in Hong Kong for close to two weeks visiting my Yeh Yeh. I really like it here, and I’ve been saying some new things in the new environment.

“So meddy lights!”
When we first arrived, it was late at night and I was amazed at how many lights were in the airport, and then along the roads where we were driving.

“Take a mini-bus today!” Take a taxi today!” “All done mini-bus!” “All done taxi!”
We have a lot of ways to get around in this city so I’ve been on mini-buses, big buses, taxes, the underground train thingy and even my Yeh Yeh’s car. When we slow down or come to a stop, I love to say “all done mini-bus!”

“Wait for alligator.”
We have to take a lot of elevators here. For some reason, that word is hard for me to say so I just call it “alligator.” Seems like we’re always waiting for the alligator. But I don’t mind because everyone always lets me “push the G!” (for the ground floor) and whatever else I want.

“Okaaaaaay! All done!”
I say this (rather loudly) when we get off of the elevator.

“Pet-pet Romeo!”
Romeo is the family dog. He’s really big, but all he does is sit around all day so I really like him! Other dogs intimidate me, but Romeo is one of my best friends now. And he’s so soft!

“Shall we read?”
When I want to read… or snuggle… or do something else, I’ll ask Mommy or Dad Guy, “Shall we…?” They’re not sure where I learned it, but they like it.

“Ok, bye! See you later! Have fun!”
Until we got here, I’d never added the last part – “have fun” – but it seems that it’s the thing to say when someone leaves. I say it to Yeh Yeh when he goes off to work!

And now I can regularly put together sentences of 6 or 7 words!