Last week, Mommy took me to the park with Auntie Wendy and her son, my good friend Cohen. There, I learned to say “Cohen” for the first time, even though Mommy said it sounded like, “Co-eee.”

Another first was that I got to sit in sand! Auntie Wendy was kind enough to document the event:



I am actually not a big fan of new textures on me feet. Mommy has tried to force me to sit in grass, and it recently worked once, but I don’t like it very much. At all.

But this sand stuff wasn’t too bad once I got used to it. It was actually pretty soft! Mommy and Auntie Wendy made an “oooooo” sound every time my feet touched the sand, and I thought that was kind of fun, so I started to do it too! I hope you can hear me… the kids in the park that day were SO loud!!