I have a good friend named Jacob, and we do lots of fun things together. We’ve gone some places (like the museum!) but mostly we just hang out and play. A couple of months ago, I discovered that our mommies would let me feed him:

(Please excuse the cray-cray outfit.)

Jacob was just learning to eat cheerios, and I was just learning how to get things into mouths, so it didn’t go quite as smoothly as I planned.

Now Mommy and Dad Guy have a picture of him up on our fridge, and it’s one of my favorite things to play with.

I’ve been known to get pretty feisty about wanting to take his picture with me around the house. Yesterday, Mommy was trying to take me upstairs without him, but I was adamant: “Day-dub! Day-dub!”

I guess you could say he’s my first BFF. Whatever that means.