I have been talking up a storm! One of my favorite words is “hi” and every morning, and randomly throughout the day, I love say it back and forth with Mommy and Dad Guy about a thousand times. Hi! Hi! Hi!

Another of my favorites is “tree”! When we go outside or when we’re in the car, I always see the trees and point to them and show off my talking skills. Mommy jokes that I still don’t say “mama” when I see her, but I correctly identify every tree I see. Yep, that’s me!

I also like to say “go”. I can say “red”, “blue”, “thank you”. I even can (kinda) say “I love you!” Of course, it doesn’t come out very clearly, but I try. Also “eye” and “ear” and I know what those are and how to find them, too!

Actually, I can repeat most words that Mommy and Dad Guy try to get me to say. I am really enjoying my new ability to communicate!