Though I’m not saying much yet, I have started to understand a lot that people around me say. My parents have taught me a whole mess of words and I really enjoy showing off my learning.

Some of the things I understand include:

“Blow it up!” – a fun game that mostly Dad Guy plays with me.

“Header!” – Dad Guy taught me to hit stuff with my head… he keeps telling me it’s training for something, but I can’t remember what.

“Give it to Mommy” – As I showed earlier, Mommy says this when I’m picking gross stuff off the floor.

“No” – I don’t like that word very much. Sometimes I cry when I hear it, because I’m pretty sensitive.


“Gong hei” – I haven’t posted my video of this yet, but I will soon; Dad Guy taught me to do a hand motion when I hear this phrase

“Kisses” – I love giving kisses!

“Nurse” – I really like hearing this because it means I’m about to get something to eat. Yay!

“Smooshy-face-kisses” – I always smile when my Mommy says this because I know that she and Dad Guy are about to shower me with kisses. I love it!

“Turn the page” – that’s when I get to change the pictures I see in my books

Mommy thinks I understand “open” and “close” when it comes to books too, but she’s not quite sure yet.

There might be more that I can’t think of right now. I love all my new words!