The last couple of weeks have been pretty fun. Mommy, Dad Guy and I all love spending time together as a family and they, of course, really love hanging out with me every day.

I can’t say I blame ’em.

Some of the stuff we’ve done:

Went on a retreat with Mommy’s staff team. The place where we stayed had a swimming pool. I gave swimming another chance and guess what? I loved it this time! Not having freezing cold water makes a pretty big difference 🙂

Then, Mommy took me to another retreat, this time with students. I love them because they always play with me! We didn’t spend the night there, but I got to hang out and listen to lots of people talking.

We also went to the grocery store. That’s nothing new, but I’ve started sitting in the cart more often. Mommy decided she couldn’t resist taking a picture of me just chillin’ in the cart. I have to say, it’s much more comfortable than how you’re “supposed” to sit.

Those are just a few things we’ve been up to lately. Thanks for stopping by!