Lots of things have been happening in the past couple of days.

I went swimming for the first time. My thoughts about it: meh.

It was pretty stinkin’ cold. The water where we were swimming hadn’t warmed up yet, so I might have to try again. I think I could like it.

Also, my grandma came to visit. She’s been watching me some during the day and taking great pictures of me!

I got all dressed up for the 4th of July, and we had a picnic with some of Mommy and Dad Guy’s friends.

Hey, I found a new, fun way to play peek-a-boo!

(Mommy says this is a little “scandy”. Whatevs.)

Then, today we went to Chick-Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day. I don’t know exactly what that is, but Mommy and Dad Guy were excited because they got free food.

Turns out, I didn’t exactly appreciate being dressed up like a cow, though.


I also found time to rock my awesome hair!

I think Mommy took this picture because she thinks my hair is crazy-looking.

I don’t mind, though, because I’m pretty confident of my awesomeness.