Like I mentioned yesterday, some of my family came into town this week. My cousin Jason was playing in the state baseball tournament so everyone came to watch him. I was at home asleep during the game, though, so I missed it. I don’t mind. I got to see everyone anyway.

Family time started off with a trip to Salt Lick. Everyone ate meat that smelled really good, but all anyone offered me was cereal. Which I’ve decided to stop liking. Hahaha, Mommy!

There’s cousin Jason at bat!

Cousin Cubba came and played with me. I really loved having another kid around. I could tell that she was more on my level, and I was happy to spend time with her.

Seeing Cousin Truman also was so fun! I don’t have more any pics of him, but he sat by me in the car when we were running all around, and he always made me laugh! I think my parents wish he was around more often, because he kept me entertained so well.

My parents bought me this cool tent-thingy. They are planning to use it for me to sleep when we travel, but it’s already been useful since I kinda like to play in it. This morning we went to Mommy’s soccer game and I passed the time in my tent, playing.

Oh, and I’ve started liking pears! Mommy’s been trying to get me to eat fruit for forever, but I just didn’t. I preferred vegetables. And meat, of course!

But I’ve decided pears are ok. And maybe apples, too.