We just got back from a week with my grandparents! It was so fun, but something a little strange happened.

I hated bathtime there, even though Mommy and Daddy packed all my normal bath stuff, including my own tub. Still, I really didn’t like it. I cried the whole time 😦

At home, I love my bathtime. I’ve learned to splash which is fun and that’s also when I get my teeth brushed – I love it! But for some reason, I didn’t like it at my grandma’s house.

The day we got home, though, I went back to loving it!

Mommy says I’m quirky. I say I just like what I like.

Speaking of things I don’t like, Mommy and Daddy suspect that I don’t like long black hair, especially when it gets close to me. Mommy’s friend Wendy was the first to suggest that maybe that’s why I was freaking out when certain people would talk to me or try to hold me.

Mommy and Daddy were sure to tell my Aunt Natasha that, since she has long hair. And, sure enough, when she put her hair back I liked her just fine. I always loved her, but sometimes I just get scared of different things.

Hey, what can you expect – I’m a baby!