This past Thursday was a great day! My Aunt Natasha and Uncle Aaron came over to our house, and best of all my cousin Anna Lynn! We are only three months apart, which makes my Mommy and Daddy very happy. Mommy says that soon we’re going to be able to play together and she can’t wait for that.

Anna Lynn is hapa like me! Actually, we have lots in common: we’re both adorable… we both drink milk… we both like baby gyms… both have really cute dresses…

Oh and she has a blog too!

I was so glad that she came to visit. But Mommy and Daddy waited until the end of the day (very close to my bedtime) to take pictures of us. That means I didn’t really have too many smiles… I was pretty tired. And a little confused. I mean, it took me a while to get used to another baby sharing my space!

Even when I was lookin’ at her all crazy and everything, she was still very chill. She even smiled at my Daddy!

I want to post a video of us but Mommy says I have to explain it first. See, at the end of the video my cousin is crying. I think Mommy and Daddy expected me to do something, but what was I supposed to do? Anyway, Mommy wants me to be sure and say that when the video ends, Mommy was reaching for Anna Lynn to comfort her. And she stopped crying right away.

Ok, are you happy Mom?

Aren’t we cute?