Toward the end of the day, when it’s getting close to bedtime, I can get a bit cranky.

Sometimes, though, Mommy and Daddy want me to stay up for a bit to make it to my normal bedtime. When that happens, they are looking for activities to keep me interested and happy.

Well, they found one.

Turns out that right outside our door is a street where cars drive by all the time.

I really find those cars to be so interesting! They are so fun to watch! A few days ago we stayed on the porch for thirty minutes, just watching the cars go by.

Apparently, Mommy and Daddy don’t think it’s quite as exciting, but they do think that my reaction is funny. And, of course, they wanted to video it.

Even though they think it’s funny that I like it so much, they keep taking me out there. I think they enjoy it, too. It’s pretty relaxing and a nice way to slow down before bedtime!