Life is getting to be pretty fun. Mommy and Daddy give me some stuff to play with, and I’m finding it more and more interesting. Around here, all of my toys are called “guys”.

The first toy I ever really played with was “Manhattan guy”.

One of Mommy’s besties gave it to me when I was only a few weeks old. It was the first thing I could really grab, and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet! Here’ s a video of me grabbing for it when I was so young – about 12 weeks old!

Then there’s “blanket guy”. My cousin Anna Lynn sent me these Aden+Anais blankets because she likes them so much. I like them too; I especially like playing with them!

One of my current faves is “gel guy”. Since I officially have my first tooth now, I’ve really been needing fun things to chew on. Gel guy is perfect! I take it almost everywhere we go.

Of course, there’s rag guy…

…book guy…

…sometimes Dad is even “Dad guy”, when I’m playing with him. I love Dad guy!

Hmm… I can’t think of any more of my guys right now. Those are the ones I play with most often, anyway.

I love my guys!