Remember when I said that I didn’t sleep very well the first 6 weeks of my life? Well, there was always one almost guaranteed method to get me snoozin’. It’s the sling that Mommy bought for us when I was only two weeks old.

I LOVE it still, even though I’m getting a little too big to fall asleep in it now. It’s still comfy and I like being able to see the world when I’m out with Mommy or Daddy. Plus, I love being so snuggly with them!


Mommy used to take me to Daddy’s soccer games, and I would pretty much sleep the whole 2hrs as long as I was in the sling. She loved it, too.

Here are some fun pics of me in it:

I’m so glad when Mommy or Daddy decide to take me out in the sling! I much prefer it to that stupid old stroller.