For several weeks now, I have been chewing on everything in sight. I just love putting stuff in my mouth! The doctor told Mommy and Daddy that it’s normal for babies my age, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything about getting teeth.

But the past couple of days, I’ve been chewing a lot more and Mommy knew something was up. Two days ago, she made me open up really wide (which was kinda annoying) and, sure enough, she said she spotted a tooth about to make its way into the world!

I was wondering what was causing all those owies in my mouth. Now I know!

Soon, maybe I’ll be able to eat the food my Mommy and Daddy eat. I am really curious about it. Here I am reaching for some thing I saw them putting in their mouths.

Daddy called it “cheese” and said I couldn’t have any. Hmph!

Anyway, my first tooth, can you believe it? I’m growing up so fast!