Said Today


When Mommy asked me to not talk and to go to sleep:
“Mommy, I’m not talking!”

When I was instructed to share my toys:
“I can share with myself!”


My Christmas

Christmas started with hotpot on Christmas Eve. It was my first time, and I loved it. My favorite part was “dipping” in the sa cha.


The next morning, Mommy made me some hot chocolate, which I LOVE! We ate breakfast, read about the birth of baby Jesus and then got to open presents.

I was really happy when I opened my presents. I got a new outfit and some tights, which I thought were all “cute!”

Then Mommy and Dad Guy surprised me with my big present – a new bike!


I was so excited. You can watch my reaction here:

Later, we even got to go to the park and play with the new bike. But it was so cold that we didn’t stay too long.


Then we came home, had more hot chocolate, watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and finished off the night with another round of hotpot. I loved it! I had such a fun day 🙂

My Sentences

I can officially put together words into things called sentences! And people understand most of what I say, though occasionally Mommy and Dad Guy will have to translate. Here’s some stuff I’ve said:

“Thank you sooo much for your help today.”
-I came home from church saying this one Sunday.

“No church; I just want to go shopping today.”
-Sometimes a girl just knows what she wants.

“We’re all eating together!”

“Say sorry, Boomba!”
-The silly vacuuming robot runs into me occasionally, and I always tell him to say he’s sorry but he never does.

“Eden’s sad because…”
-I’ve learned the words “happy” and “sad” and I like to use them to express how I’m feeling.

“Good job running Dad Guy!”

“Mommy’s computer is a no-no-no-no!”

“Oops, we skipped a page!”
-That’s for when we miss a page reading. I don’t like that, and always make sure we go back to the right one!

My Maternal Instinct 2

You may remember that even when I was much younger, I really liked to take care of things, like my bear. I still like that, and now I have even more opportunities to practice.

I have a few bears and stuffed animals and, when I feel like they’re sad, I always like to comfort them. So I’ll hold them and pat their backs while saying, “Shhhhh…” and that usually makes them feel better. If it doesn’t, then sometimes I’ll pass it off to Mommy or Dad Guy telling them to “comfort Cooper Bear Bear” or which ever friend is sad.

A few days ago, Dad Guy saw me changing Cooper Bear Bear’s diaper. I held up two diapers and asked, “Do you want Elmo diaper? Or cookie monster diaper?”

“This’ll be real quick, ok? Real quick.”

Then I wiped Cooper Bear Bear and put on the new diaper, just like Mommy does for me.

Even though they don’t always realize it, I’m always watching Mommy and Dad Guy and learning from everything they do!

My Birthday

This year, I got to have two birthday celebrations. (Oh, did you know that I turned 2 a couple of weeks ago?)

The first was in Hong Kong. Mommy and Dad Guy took me to Toys R Us and let me pick out a toy. I’ve been wanting a stroller for my dolls and bears for a long time, since I love to push them around, and they bought me one! Hooray!

Then we went to eat sushi. I discovered I loooooooove raw salmon! Dad Guy says that’s not too normal for a 2-yr old but hey – I never said I was normal!

Later that day, the family got together for dinner. We had delicious Chinese food (a favorite) and then came the best part – cake! Since the parents don’t give me sweet stuff very often, it was a special treat.

I even got to blow out the candles!

Then, when we got back home, I had a “pajama and pancake” birthday party at my house. Pretty much every morning, I ask to “leave ‘jamas on!” Since I love to wear my ‘jamas so much, Mommy asked everyone to come over in theirs too!

And we ate pancakes. Yummy!

Mommy and Dad Guy let me pick the guest list, so it was small. Just my favorite people, who I see and ask for all the time. So that means my friend Jacob was there, of course, and my auntie Deborah!

(Our good friend Sean took a few photos while he was there. You should look at his website!)

Auntie Deb and uncle Sean gave me this awesome shirt. I was holding it up saying, “Oh so pretty! Cute!”

Since I was still jet-lagging a bit, and so many of my favorite people were there, I was really hyper. Every few minutes I would get so excited, I would just have to yell “yay!” and start clapping my hands. I couldn’t help it! I’m lucky to have so many great friends who love me and celebrated my birthday with me!

(That’s me blowing a kiss.)

My Fun at the Beach

While we were in Hong Kong, I got to visit the beach with Yeh Yeh.

Since my last time in sand didn’t go that well, Mommy and Dad Guy were expecting a low-key time – building sand castles and maybe a little dip in the water.

I had different ideas!

I was running out into the water, because I loved it so much! Mommy was shocked and having a hard time believing my newly found courage, and all three of them were spending a lot of energy to keep me from going too far into the water. But I had so much fun! I didn’t want it to end.

A little later, I took off my diaper and was running down the beach free, oh-so-free! (Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of that.)



My Edenisms 2 (Hong Kong Edition)

My first time on the MTR!

We’ve been in Hong Kong for close to two weeks visiting my Yeh Yeh. I really like it here, and I’ve been saying some new things in the new environment.

“So meddy lights!”
When we first arrived, it was late at night and I was amazed at how many lights were in the airport, and then along the roads where we were driving.

“Take a mini-bus today!” Take a taxi today!” “All done mini-bus!” “All done taxi!”
We have a lot of ways to get around in this city so I’ve been on mini-buses, big buses, taxes, the underground train thingy and even my Yeh Yeh’s car. When we slow down or come to a stop, I love to say “all done mini-bus!”

“Wait for alligator.”
We have to take a lot of elevators here. For some reason, that word is hard for me to say so I just call it “alligator.” Seems like we’re always waiting for the alligator. But I don’t mind because everyone always lets me “push the G!” (for the ground floor) and whatever else I want.

“Okaaaaaay! All done!”
I say this (rather loudly) when we get off of the elevator.

“Pet-pet Romeo!”
Romeo is the family dog. He’s really big, but all he does is sit around all day so I really like him! Other dogs intimidate me, but Romeo is one of my best friends now. And he’s so soft!

“Shall we read?”
When I want to read… or snuggle… or do something else, I’ll ask Mommy or Dad Guy, “Shall we…?” They’re not sure where I learned it, but they like it.

“Ok, bye! See you later! Have fun!”
Until we got here, I’d never added the last part – “have fun” – but it seems that it’s the thing to say when someone leaves. I say it to Yeh Yeh when he goes off to work!

And now I can regularly put together sentences of 6 or 7 words!

My Fun at the Park

We are visiting my Yeh Yeh (grandfather) and today Mommy and Dad Guy took me to a park, where I got to play on my favorite – slides! (That’s really all I ever want to do at the park. Swings? Meh.)

I’m a pretty cautious person, so it’s taken me a while to warm up to the idea of going down by myself, but now I love it!

With Dad Guy’s help, I even climbed some stuff, which was very brave if I do say so myself!